Get your skates on

1. It’s cool.

Roller skating is back! All over the world, it’s enjoying a huge resurgence among kids, teens and adults.

2. It’s fun.

Friends. Music. Bright lights. Wheels. How can you not have a great time?

3. It’s weatherproof.

What can we do today, mum? RollerSk8’s roller disco is the place to go, come rain or shine.

4. It’s great exercise.

Hitting the rink is a great way to burn off energy while having fun – in fact, up to 500 calories an hour.

5. Everyone’s welcome.

Kids love it. But you’ll be amazed how many mums and dads get the bug when they ‘rock and roll’.

6. It’s social.

RollerSk8 is a great chance to meet new friends from other schools and social groups.

7. The thrill of a new skill.

If you’ve never skated before, don’t worry! Young kids pick it up really quickly and love to hit the rink to show off their new skills.

8. An excuse to wear neon and Spandex.

Where else can you get away with it? Optional, of course.