Tickets & Admissions

Where can I RollerSk8?

RollerSk8 roller disco events take place at Pindar Leisure Centre, Eastfield, Scarborough YO11 3LW and Scarborough Rugby Club, Scalby, YO13 0NL.

Where do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased on the door, 15 minutes prior to the session start time, and are available on a first come first served basis. Tickets can also be pre-booked. See the home page for details.


What does it cost ?

Ticket prices for 90-minute session (unless otherwise stated):

£6 per skater inc. skate hire (or bring your own)

Spectators are free!



Do I need to be a good skater?

Not at all. RollerSk8 is for anyone interested in roller skating – from first timers to accomplished disco divas.

Parents & Children

Are there any age restrictions?

RollerSk8 welcomes people of all ages – although the smallest available size for skate hire is a children’s 6. All children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult to be admitted.

 We recommend that young children be accompanied by an adult on the rink.

Can mum and dad skate, too?

Of course! Mums and dads are encouraged to put on a pair of skates and give it a go. So don’t be shy – get your skates on. 

Can parents walk on the skating rink with their children?

Yes. We generally allow parents to walk on the skating rink to assist children. If any actions by skaters or non-skaters present a safety hazard, one of our skating marshals will advise.

Can I leave my children at the disco and collect them later?

No. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. You’re encouraged to join them on the rink, but if you’d rather watch, a comfortable viewing area is provided.

Clothing & Equipment

What should I wear?

Whatever’s comfortable. There’s no dress code for RollerSk8. If legwarmers, pink wigs and neon shorts are your thing, we’re happy for you. Once you’re out on the rink, you’ll warm up pretty quickly, so you won’t need your winter woolies.

What sizes do your skates come in?

We typically have 180 pairs of roller skates available, ranging from a children’s size 6 up to an adult size 11.

Do I need my own skates?

Skate hire is included in your RollerSk8 admission. All our skates are traditional quad style (two rows of two wheels). But if you’ve got your own skates – traditional or inline – feel free to bring them along.

Roller Rules

How long can I skate?

Each session lasts 90 minutes (unless otherwise stated). We offer discounts for multiple sessions.

Can I bring in food and drink?

No, we do not allow food or drinks from outside to be brought into the skating sessions although water bottles are allowed. Drinks and snacks will be available for sale at the event.

Can I bring a scooter or skateboard?

No. Roller skates are mandatory.
Funky dance moves are optional!

Health & Safety

Is it safe?

RollerSk8 provides a fun, friendly and safe environment to roller skate. For any parents not wishing to skate, we provide a viewing area to keep a close eye on kids.

Should I skate if I have a health condition?

No. If you’re not sure, you shouldn’t skate. We highly recommend that you do not take part in RollerSk8 roller disco if you are pregnant or suffer from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, brittle bones, joint injuries or any other condition that could be aggravated by a skating injury.

Will I hurt myself?

If you’re a novice skater, chances are you will fall over a few times before you get your bearings. Protective guards are available on request, which will greatly reduce any pain from falling and keep the bruises at bay.

Like any sporting pursuit, accidents do occasionally happen in roller skating. The most common injuries are sprained or broken wrists (it’s a natural reaction to put your arms out when you fall). If you’re struggling, an accomplished skater will be on hand to help you up.

As with football, netball or any other sporting activity, roller skaters participate at their own risk.

We welcome you to bring your own safety equipment to ensure you stay safe and have a great time.


Do you do parties?

Yes, please find more information about parties here.


Do you offer skating lessons?

We cannot offer lessons or instructions during the sessions. But if Scarborough enjoys RollerSk8, we hope to offer them in the future.