Ticket Order (reservation) Confirmation & Conditions

Thank you for booking.

Please print and bring your ticket/s (reservation) to the event (or have available on your phone). If you have reserved a ticket, payment will be due on entry.

Assumption of Risk

Like any sporting pursuit, accidents do occasionally happen in roller skating. Skating is entirely at your own risk. RollerSk8 will not be responsible for any loss or injury incurred.

If you do not agree to the conditions of entry shown below (and also displayed at the event entrance) you cannot participate in the event.


All attendees should check the website www.rollersk8.co.uk in the unlikely event the booked session has to be cancelled or rescheduled. A full refund will be issued in this circumstance.

If you do not agree to the above terms and conditions, or if you have any other concerns with your booking please use the contact form on this page.

Kind Regards 

Conditions of Entry

We want everyone to enjoy a fun skating session. However, as with any physical activity, roller skating presents some risks, especially for inexperienced skaters.

Assumption of Risk

Your decision to enter the venue and/or skate area confirms acceptance of the following terms and rules:

Skating and skating-based activities are undertaken entirely at your own risk.

RollerSk8 and its management cannot be held responsible and accept NO liability for any loss or injury (including death) incurred whilst skating, caused either by you or others.

All persons entering the venue/skating area consent to any photography, filming and recording authorised by RollerSk8 management for possible future transmission or promotional purposes.

All skaters under 8 years old must be accompanied on the skating area at all times by a parent or guardian (16 years or over). Children aged 8 to 16 should be accompanied at the venue by a parent or guardian.

You must:

  1. Always skate within your own ability
  2. Wear the protective equipment provided, or use your own
  3. Ensure your skates are fitted correctly – this is your responsibility
  4. Wear appropriate clothing for skating
  5. Immediately report any incidents or accidents to a member of staff
  6. Skate in an ANTI-CLOCKWISE direction unless directed by a member of staff
  7. Immediately report any spillages to a member of staff
  8. Report anyone not following these rules to a member of staff

You must not:

  1. Go into the skating area without any skates
  2. (unless you are accompanying a child and wearing appropriate footwear).
  3. Carry children or infants
  4. Skate in chains, stand still or gather in groups within the skating area
  5. Play tag, chase or any other games
  6. Take bags, phones or cameras into the skating area
  7. Eat or drink within the skating area
  8. Skate at an excessive speed or erratically

RollerSk8 Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission.